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Method of Controlling Common Rail Fuel Injection Device

About Us

Bluestars product is not the only but absolutely top one.

BlueStars Diesel Power Technology Co.,Ltd specialized in production of diesel fuel injection systems, our company developed the electronic-controlled high pressure common rail systems products independently since 2010, basic on our strong team of engineers with first class researching &development speed.

Advanced Production& Inspection Equipments

One of Bluestars Diesel fast growth power is our international advanced equipments, our common rail injector, nozzle and control valve production are supported with the world's top professional equipments, including CNC high precision internal &external cylindrical grinding machines (BAHMULLER) made in Germany, HP4-EDM microfor CNC EDM machine(POSALUX) made in Switzerland, Microflow 100S machine(EXTRUDE HONE) made in U.S.A., CNC high precision centreless grinding machine made in Italy and etc.

BAHMULLER-The best machine in the world which are used to grind mesoporous and nozzle needle, ensure the most exact verticality & roundness of mesoporous and the consistency of the precision of the needle cone, make the mesoporous and the nozzle needle can be jointed perfect, the commissure have a few microns only.

POSALUX- The well known perforating machine in the world, imported from Switzerland, which electro-discharge by electric spark to punching the nozzle orifice, can ensure the consistency of the roundness, surface roughness and diameter of the orifice.

KENNAMETAL-MicroFlow AFM, The extrude hone machine squeeze and honing the nozzle orifice by liquid to get smooth surface, that extended the nozzle service life.

PETER WOLTERS- Adopts the world's advanced technology to grind two sides of the liner ring at the same time, to ensure the depth of parallelism of two sides under 3 microns, the surface rougness only 0.1μm.

Production Management

Automated assembly line, which is in dust-free plant, can reach food grade standard.

Quality Management

Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise's development. Bluestars Diesel is making great efforts to construct a quality management system by building a complete quality warranty system, enterprise standard certification system, measurement system. Such as IS9001:2008 international quality system certification, TS16949 system certification.

Our Common-Rail Nozzle:

*Reliability testing meets the standards: GB/T5772-2010, GB17691-2005, JB/T51184-2000

*Efficiency testing meets the standards: EPS200, EPS708, EPS815

*Advanced coating technology: for common rail nozzle needle & valve, we keep close cooperation with the top coating suppliers in the world, to ensure the durability of the nozzle. High manufacturing accuracy to make nozzle long service life.

*Common rail injector test machine, which measuring the injector single injection amount, injection stability, return fuel, injetion turn-on delay and off delay, the oil fuel measurement accuracy of 0.01mm3.

*The machining precision reach 0.2‰ millimeter, the flow coefficient μf≥ 0.8, the high precision processing technology can control the fuel flow fluctuation rate of the nozzle under 2%.

*Pressure (bar)≥ 1400, can meet EuroⅢ, Euro Ⅳ emission standard.

*The nozzle meet the requirements of Bosch, Denso, Delphi common rail systems, can provide very high fuel injection pressure and exact control of fuel quantity and injection timing, reduction of its emission, with precise injection angle, strong penetrating power and high degree of atomization, greatly reduces the exhaust emission of diesel engine, and by reducing the harmful volume of nozzle, to reduce the residual fuel oil and carbon deposition in the nozzle, which greatly improve the fuel consumption and emission of diesel engine performance too.

Customer Value

We are commit to continuously create more value for our customers, our engineering and production team is always keeping communication with our customers, focus on thire technology roadmap and industry trends.